Illustrating poems for fun

I've just started a new series (which will be posted soon) of poetry illustrations and it reminded me of some I did with water colour which made a nice fluid change from working with the defined pen and ink lines. These are based on poems by David Shook.

I know Your Body
                   after Victor Teran

If you were a city
I could give perfect directions
to wherever they asked me,
I could map your neighborhoods &
catalogue your smells.

If you were a city
I would get lost every day
down some new corridor.
I would toss my map, hitchhike
your suburbs, wonder your downtown

David Shook

Skelly Ghosts inspired by David Shook's poem:

Below there are policemen, shoe shines, nurses, dwarves, muggers.
Flames leap from windows & the sirens' shriek proclaims
the lordship of violence.

Here on the tenth floor we dead walk with suspicion, distressed,
alert, they won't kill us again.