Badvent Calendars are out!

Throughout December 2015 I set myself the challenge of drawing a bad Christmas pun for every day of advent and posting them on social media (#badventcalendar).

Due to popular demand I created the Badvent Calendar in print form!

A5 portrait desk calendar £6.50 +p&p (each page is printed on the back as a postcard so it doubles up as 25 festive postcards

You can also buy a pack of 15 gift tags for £5 +p&p made up of 5 different designs (3 of each) 

Buy here:

Ten Poems launch night at Airspace, Oxford Street 1st November

We had a great turn out on 1st November for our launch of Ten Poems, written by Adnan Al- Sayegh, translated by Alaa Juma and Jenny Lewis. Published by Mulfran Press as a Mulfran Minature- an A6 booklet with all the poems and illustrations. These are available to buy for £5. Please email if you'd like to buy one.

The exhibition was hosted by Airspace on Oxford Street. This is a very new, brilliant concept whereby six floors of ultra-smart office space offer hot-desking solutions and temporary office space to Londoners and others – mostly working in the creative industries. The first floor is an events and exhibition space and can be rented out, complete with bar!

The first picture shows Jenny and Adnan reading the poems in Arabic and then English.

Needless to say the rudie one was the most popular!


ON HEAT- a titillating exhibition with Just Friends Studio at Loves Company.

Last week myself and Just Friends Studio (design due Christine Serchia and Flaminia Adele Rossi) opened our tantalising display of drawings of prints at cocktail bar Loves Company. Photos by Christine Serchia. It will be on their walls until 8th March of plenty of time to have a look. All work is for sale. Contact us for more info: or

ON HEAT: A Valentine's Exhibition With Just Friends Studio

Myself and Just Friends Studio (Christine Serchia & Flaminia Adele) have joined forces to present to you ON HEAT: a Valentine’s exhibition where art imitates love. This collection of drawings, prints and typography will flirt with your eyes and drive you into a frenzy of lust. 

Join us on Thursday 11th February at Loves Company for the preview. Glug back some special offer love potions/ cocktails and snap up some original artworks and unique Valentine’s cards to let your special friends know you truly care. 

Loves Company is just outside exit 4 of Old Street underground and the work will be on show from Monday 8th February 2016 for one month.


Colourful flashbacks! This time last year I was in India. Happy 2016!

Happy 2016 one and all! Wowsers- this time last year I was in crazy, colourful amazing India! Can I go back please?

Posted by Kate Hazell Illustration on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Badvent Calendar 2015

Ho ho ho....

Throughout Christmas I will be posting a daily festive drawing straight from my sketchbook. *DISCLAIMER* Expect bad puns, bad drawings and bad taste.

Posted by Kate Hazell Illustration on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Illustrating poems for fun

I've just started a new series (which will be posted soon) of poetry illustrations and it reminded me of some I did with water colour which made a nice fluid change from working with the defined pen and ink lines. These are based on poems by David Shook.

I know Your Body
                   after Victor Teran

If you were a city
I could give perfect directions
to wherever they asked me,
I could map your neighborhoods &
catalogue your smells.

If you were a city
I would get lost every day
down some new corridor.
I would toss my map, hitchhike
your suburbs, wonder your downtown

David Shook

Skelly Ghosts inspired by David Shook's poem:

Below there are policemen, shoe shines, nurses, dwarves, muggers.
Flames leap from windows & the sirens' shriek proclaims
the lordship of violence.

Here on the tenth floor we dead walk with suspicion, distressed,
alert, they won't kill us again.

Industry Insights Interview with the Association of Illustrators

Here's an interview I did for the Association of Illustrators Industry Insights section of their website. 


Look! An explorer in the bushes.

What was your key motivation in becoming an illustrator?

I have always loved illustration and while growing up, art and drawing were always my favourite things. I followed quite a natural creative path up to Edinburgh College of Art and originally began a degree in Graphic Design. After the first term I realised it wasn’t ticking the right boxes for me and switched to Illustration. This was when I properly realised I wanted to spend my time creating images as a job.

When are images stronger than words?

Often! Images let you make up your own mind and interpret something visual in your own way. I love reading comics and I find myself drawn more towards the ones that don’t have words. Like music, images are universal so it's quite powerful to be able to tell a story with just lines and colour.

What was your first break as an illustrator?

After I graduated I went travelling for a bit and then moved to London. Soon after that I was fortunate enough to be approached by a branding agency that were re-designing a Pizza Express restaurant in Westbourne. The theme for each restaurant is always based on the local area, and it turns out Westbourne is one of the happiest places to live in the UK. I drew 30 illustrations of people with the thing that made them happy- like a lady with her cat or a man, eating fish and chips. That was probably the first big project I was able to get my teeth into (ho ho).

Kate Hazell Pizza Express Mural

Pizza Express Nottingham- part of a 30 meter long wall mural

How has social media, if at all, helped you with your freelance illustration work?

I think social media is a very important promotional tool for illustrators. It’s great for sharing new work and finding out about what’s going on in the creative world, and of course feeling like you’re part of a community. Freelancing from home you can feel a bit isolated and cabin fever sometimes sets in! In terms of gaining work from social media, I got my most recent job (to write and illustrate a children’s story for an interactive ipad app) as the client found me through twitter. There are so many platforms to showcase your work that it can only be beneficial in terms of getting your work seen. However, I don’t think it’s the be all and end all - you still need to put in a lot of hard work to turn ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ into actual commissions.

What are the three obstacles that you find throughout your freelance working day and how do you make sure you get through these?
1. Time - the day goes really fast especially when you are fired up with new ideas. It’s really frustrating when you have to stop something mid flow. I’ve had to become better at organising myself and managing my time to make sure I get my work priorities right. Drawing a fun comic about zombie turtles probably shouldn’t come before roughs for a proper job, or chasing invoices, for example. Making lists works for me, and I plan what I’m going to work on each day.

2. Being objective about my own work. I work from home and tend to get tunnel vision so find it really useful to talk through a piece of work with others to gain a new perspective. A chat often gets me unstuck on a tricky project.

3. Distractions. What music to listen to, what to have for lunch, shall I do some washing, I should probably take the bin out, oh look a youtube video of people falling over etc. Must... focus!

Kate Hazell Sam Jamwitch

Page 1 of Sam Jamwitch and the Sad Wooden Ferrets by Kate Hazell and Ed Hawkesworth. Read the full story here

Tell us a little about your wall murals for Pizza Express in Nottingham and the process behind the commission…
The Pizza Express mural in Nottingham was a really fun project. Weirdly, the Westbourne and the Nottingham projects were commissioned by different agencies, so there was no connection – apart, perhaps, from my love of pizza! The architects, Ab Rogers ( , had a clear idea of what the look of the restaurant was to be. The area is famous for Raleigh bicycles so they wanted bikes and bike components incorporated into a continuous narrative line drawing all along the 30 meter back wall of the restaurant. I worked out a design based on their requirements, on a scaled down plan of the building and then spent 5 days on site painting it up onto the wall. I mapped it out in chalk first just in case! Some areas of the design have actual working components incorporated into it that spin or move every now and again.

Kate Hazell Illustration_ Food & Wine magazine

Food & Wine Magazine- editorial to support an article about South East Asian inspired recipes in the USA.

What quote keeps you motivated?
“Just get on with it”- or words to that effect (see obstacle 3 from other question) from my sister Jo. That’s just one of her many helpful mantras, along with “Weak tea = weak mind”.